Who is darlene ortiz dating

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Who is darlene ortiz dating

For the youngins who don’t know, before there was Beyonce’ and Jay Z, it was Ice-T and Darlene who were considered one of hip hop’s first power couples.The two were together for from the time they met in 1984 until 1999.“I didn’t have any guidance.But the money wasn't enough and led him to the world of crime.Ice-T used to sell cannabis, steal car stereos to earn extra cash as his girlfriend was also pregnant at that time.

He used to pimp when he was in the service for extra cash. That bangin’ photo and their power couple relationship changed the rap game and Darlene became known as ” The Syndicate Queen.” That iconic album cover opened many doors for Darlene and she’s still reaping the harvest of her work and the relationship that ended many years ago.

Now, she is a fitness instructor and works as a co-host on the Gary Holcomb internet radio show. As a woman who wears many hats, she’s also an author who’s also released a book titled, “I’ve always wanted to write a book especially after Ice got signed and things took off for us in a big way,” Ortiz explains.

“The things that happened to us was all so amazing.

(inserts Issa rap about being a cheater lol) Issa now feels the need to throw a party to paint the picture she is enjoying the single life.

She goes to the mailbox and noticed Lawrence received some mail from the court. Molly took the advice of Issa and sought help from a therapist.

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The struggle was real last night but I made it through.