Updating bios compaq evo over 55s dating

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On the fan airflow cover is listed the following: "250805-002 Rev. When I install the faster processor, and boot the system, I receive a message on the screen to contact Compaq customer support to get a bios upgrade for the system to use the faster processor. When I boot the computer with the 2.8 G/Hz CPU installed, the bios "system info" lists the following; Processor=P4 CPU speed=2.8 G/hz - FSB=533 M/Hz Processor stepping=F29 Cache L1/L2=20/512 K/bytes Installed memory=1024 M/bytes ( 2x 512 M/byte DIMM's ) Integrated MAC=00080251C039 System ROM=686Y2 Ver.3.04 Chassis Serial # W220JYHZC466 Asset Tracking # W220JYHZC466 All I want is to run this faster CPU in my computer.

E" This airflow cover is installed over the CPU heat sink. I want to use a faster CPU in this motherboard than it has in it now. It seems the computer recognizes the CPU, but does not have the correct bios to support the proper stepping for this CPU.


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(off the Processor board, manufactured in 2001.) see below. for a new ROM BIOS to support the new processor stepping." I have already installed the Ver.

There are 2 stickers affixed to the Motherboard, the first one is marked: "219 Rev 0H S26" The second larger sticker has a barcode on it and is marked: "SP# 277499-001", "DG# 011467-000", "P58630N9VM900M", "AS# 253219-002". 03.04A bios upgrade from the Compaq support web site. When I installed the bios update, the Rompaq informed me that that bios version was already installed. The computer will boot with the new processor installed, after I get the prompt to contact customer support, I can press "F1" and the computer boots. I really hope you can help me to run this faster CPU in my computer.

In these instructions I am assuming you are reasonably adept at installing, configuring, and using Linux based operating systems.Furthermore I assume you are comfortable with tearing apart computers, reconfiguring their hardware, and reassembling them succesfully.The following subsections describe what tools and components I used to install Linux on my Compaq EVO T30.The 2.0 GHz Celeron that came in this system will bog down with a heavy Photoshop filter and I’m sure some of the things I do in Adobe Premiere would bring it to its knees at times, but if your primary use of the machine is word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing and e-mail, it’s plenty fast.I would max out the system RAM before I replaced the CPU.

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