Russians banned from dating sites

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Russians banned from dating sites

Instead, it singles out those with “personality and behavior disorders” by referencing a section of the International Classification of Diseases, published by the World Health Organization, which includes gender identity and behavior disorders like "pathological" gambling and fetishism.The decree drew quick condemnation from the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights.They create fake profiles on dating sites pretending to be underage boys and girls and use it as a bite for an adult pedophile who looking for a sex with a little boy or girl.And once it makes no sense to bring them to Police, they are just inviting pedophiles for a date with those fake 10-12 year boys or girls and film them on camera right in the place of meet.Some in the international sports community had called for the entire Russian team to be banned as punishment. International sport authorities had placed the bans on the athletes within their sport and the sports court upheld those decisions this week.The 271 is about half what the country sent to London in 2012 and gives them only the 11th largest team in Rio. The bans affected mostly the Russian track and field, rowing and weight lifting teams.A new Russian law supposedly aimed at curbing the country’s high rates of traffic accidents effectively bans transgender people from obtaining driver's licenses.

And the final thing is that this video getting into the internet.

29, provides a list of illnesses that disqualify people from operating motor vehicles and includes gender identity disorders.

The law published Thursday does not explicitly ban transgender people.

This photo from a Russian dating website makes us think she's an executive by day, domesticated at home and ready for a night on the town later on.

Oriental Rug backgrounds are a big thing when it comes to your profile picture in the former USSR.

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