Dating victorian bottles

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Dating victorian bottles

In an effort to address this problem in the fairest possible manner we introduce the Rarity section.

To the un-initiated or new digger / collector certain types of bottles look much the same and it can take years of experience (and lost opportunities) before one gains that almost instinctive feel for something truly exceptional which may differ only slightly from the normal.

The rarity section will, when completed, list virtually every category of item which one may come across in the normal course of events and attempt to arrange 5 typical examples of each from most common to rarest.

When considering a value to be placed on an item, please remember that condition plays a vital role, making a perfect specimen of say a S.

The seam on an ABM bottle will run all the way up the bottle and over the lip.

As with any collectible item, the condition of the bottle will play a significant role in its value.

"Real perfume is mysterious, but the perfume which many women use is not mysterious. Chanel's exquisite fragrances in the form of colognes is the thing to wear.

” I like roses, and the smell of the rose is very beautiful, but I do not want a woman to smell like a rose." "We were pleased to discover that there is a recent arrival.

To this end a value needs to be placed on items for sale or swap in order to ensure fair play, but value, just as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and is almost impossible to establish correctly.

Updated October 2014 As with most "collecting" hobbies, ours starts out driven only by the desire to learn about & enjoy as many different and aesthetically pleasing items as possible.

It soon becomes evident however, that some buying, selling and swapping needs to take place to fill "holes" in the collection, finance digging expeditions (a trip to Kimberley with 2 overnight stays at Riverton & 1 meal in town could cost in excess of R 2,500.00 for a party of 3) or simply get rid of some of the "bulk" which tends to pile up in the garage.

I'm hoping that this can be a resource for others trying to hunt down that elusive vintage bottle.

Also, if anyone knows the actual dates of reformulations, please share those as well.

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The closer a bottle is to original condition the more value it will have.