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Thus the mean of five, seven, and twelve is eight (twenty-four divided by three).The exact etymology and the original meaning of the word are not clearly known, and there are number of conflicting theories.The current chatbot can be used as ‘shell’ for developing chatbots for any domain.

Brinkmann is better known as a cinematographer, shooting such films as is a comic short film that tells the story of a poor dog that is stuck inside all day while his master is at work.Due to their interactivity, chatbots are much better than standard machine translation systems, which may provide unrealistic solutions when the system cannot perform without user intervention.This paper reports on the design and implementation of the Sinhala Chatbot System that can communicate between computer and user, through Sinhala language. The current chatbot has been designed to work on Linux and Windows Operating systems.As such the current chatbot can be queried on operating system related concepts such as date, time, and also identify individuals and greet accordingly.This system has been developed as an application of a Sinhala parser that comes under a major component of our project in English to Sinhala machine translation system.

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No one spoke to him or included him in any cultural events because he was seen as Sinhalese. After coming back to reality, I replied and started a conversation. Despite my parents refusal to accept my love for him, I continued loving him. She also said that the Tamil community would speak poorly of me if they found out I had married a Sinhalese.